Almost All Of The Debate About Trans People Is Really About Behavioral Differences/Dialects, Accents— the Language of Gender

It’s behavior folks.

The cis are more than a bit unaware of their own — lmfao

Why do transphobes hate trans women?

Because they think they act like men.

Why do transphobes hate trans men?

Because they think they act like women.

Why do people hate non-binary folks?

Because they act like everything and nothing.

Some trans people seem to approach this problem

In different ways. You’ve got

The “trans women are women” folk

Who will mansplain why trans women are the most womanly women in the history of pussy

And you’ve got the “trans men are valid” folks

Who are— honestly — silent.

Meanwhile— back in the real world

On the streets of every suburb

There roam trans people

As far as the eye can see

Every. Single. Suburb. Folks.

Ain’t none of us special.

How is it that we’re all

Blending in so easily?

Is it passing?

Is it passing privilege ?

For some, maybe

But for any and all of the rest of us

Trans people

In reality

Who don’t necessarily look like

Ken or Barbie—

Most of us just learn how to act differently

We learn new mannerisms and we have to navigate

New conversations with new challenges and shifting perspectives

From ourselves as well as everyone else.

We learn how to act the way we’ve always felt

That way people respond

More accurately

To how you’re expressing yourself.

It’s like

Two dialects of the same language —

People can tell

When you first move

That you have an accent

But after a while—

You are either unable to adapt

Or you blend right in—

That’s that.

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