Something amazing happened today.

I was getting my eyes checked at my

Eye doctors appointment

And the guy doing my field test

Went on this long adorable rant

About how all men and women have about the same face height

But that they schedule them alternately

So he has to switch all day

Between man height and female height

Over and over and over again

I was like

Lol buddy okay

I feel like peoples faces are just different idk man

Thanks for telling me my face is a man’s

I wanted so badly to say something about how

Gender affirming this was, or about how

It’s the same length as it was before testosterone

But instead

Something amazing happened

I just smiled, laughed

And let it roll off me

I didn’t think he was an asshole or a weirdo —

I thought he was a nice guy

Making small talk

About something that doesn’t affect me.

It was amazing

Any previous point in my life and I would have been

Deeply offended

Upset, triggered, existential for the rest of the day

Worried about my fucking face shape

But now

I’m just like

Lol —buddy you crazy!!

Thanks for your help, have a nice day.

This must be what it’s like to be at peace in your own skin,

What a great measure of progress, I’d say.

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