Android vs. iPhone as a Gender Thing

The more I meet people

As a man

The more embarrassed I become

Of my iPhone

For no reason.

Maybe I’m just being sensitive

Or maybe the Android vs iPhone debate

Is more a reflection of gender stereotypes

Than otherwise.

I know I know I know

Loads of men use iPhones

But like— is it really the same

Compared to certain crowds of

Upper middle class women…?

Maybe it’s just all a big coincidence

That all the men in my life spend

Twice as much money on android and pc shit

While complaining about apple products’ prices

All so that when you’re calling in late

From work on your cellphone instead of

Your broken pc computer, people can

Roll their eyes when you say you had to

Download outlook.

Okay maybe now this story is

Too personal. but still

I don’t get it, I mean

One has round icons and one has square

The gender stereotypes are palpably there

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