What’s the point?

Of all the fighting

Of all the protesting

Of all the anger?

Do you really not


TheĀ fire ants

Climbing through your windows?

Crawling on your food, your

Skin, your countertops, your clothes?

Yeah sure–

What’s the point of fighting discrimination

When more and more will come–

Ya’ll sound like depressed idiots!

Just shut up, work on the problem

The ants will be back next year–


Maybe next time we’ll get the traps out

At the beginning, instead of just

Sitting around complaining about all the ants

That nobody likes, that

Everyone has.

Stop calling the ant killers

Protestors, murderers, criminals–

And start harassing

The depressed idiots sitting

Head to toe covered in ants

Insisting that it’s “natural”




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