Any Other Perspective

“I’ve never had a weight problem and

I’m a doctor and my husband is a

Nutritionist and that’s exactly why

You need to listen to me— I’m the expert

On health and fitness. I’ve never been chronically ill

Or had any trauma, so I see the world as

A bunch of babies full of excuses. I won’t stop

Until every fat idiot in the world repents for

Their gluttony and admits that they are a loser—

I can’t be expected to respect someone

Who doesn’t respect themselves, I mean come on—

It’s about as hopeless a cause as all of the other

Hopeless causes I’ve made my life’s purpose.

Why help someone in America when you can

Go on vacation to Africa for free with your church

I mean, good lord— spread the word

I’ve got all the answers, my life is perfect—

Any other perspective is simply absurd”

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