Any Trans Image Ideal Is Toxic


If you want to be trans

And “do it right”

You’ve gotta do it

Right when you turn 17

And get all the hormones and surgeries

As quickly and efficiently as possible

Because you’re already making up for lost time

Having the “wrong puberty”

I just, for me

I think

To have both cushing’s syndrome

As well as testosterone injections

Would have made my head explode

Into a million pieces, so

For me?


I definitely made the right decision.

This stuff

Is not for everyone

I am getting kind of exhausted

From hearing all of these

Classist, rich as fuck, liberal trans people

Talk about how anyone who doesn’t admire their transition

Is a jealous beef cow predator

I don’t want to get jerky about it

But I think

A trans image ideal

Is toxic.

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