Anybody Have Any Actual Recordings Of Billy Tipton?/Billy Tipton’s Modern Perception

This guy tho

Sucks to be him. History be all

Fucky and straight up

Ain’t nobody record,

ReMaster, or rerelease the shit

Only reason music stays alive is because

People hear it

What kind of corpse

Is the LGBTQAI community reanimating?

A straight white guy who lived his life

Jazzing, but somehow

Wasn’t important enough

To make a cylinder, or what?

Anyway I find it amusing

That trans people are mostly interested

In sharing viewpoints on people

Who fit their agenda, not even really

Caring whether or not they are actually transgender.

Not really caring whether or not

They’d like or share them if they were alive

Only liking and sharing

When they’re dead and relevant.

I think perhaps

There is enough evidence

To wonder if Billy Tipton wasn’t some other sort of circumstance

One of intersex, chromosomal variation

That perhaps helped him live and pass

As a man so easily.

Perhaps Billy Tipton was transgender

Or perhaps Billy Tipton

Was labeled as female at birth

And now the trans community is deciding

His worth in history based on

What he was or wasn’t hiding.

Literally nobody ever dared question

A man with a small dick playing saxophone

It’s very common, and honestly

I’m not surprised by anything

Other than the modern reception.

Sounds like his kids

Weren’t his

Or his wife’s Kitty Oakes’

Sounds like

Not a lot of things add up

Perhaps this guy was hiding

All of who he was

Throughout all of history

Or perhaps he was living authentically

During a time in which

Genitalia was everything. Goddamn

It would suck so fucking much

To go so far

To win the battle your whole life

Only to be announced

A liar when you die.

Speaking of which how does someone

Discover he is a “woman”

When he is dead?

Was the vagina what they were referencing?

Or the tits?

What makes a trans man

Look like a woman

When they’re dead…? A “functioning uterus”?

He ded.

Ain’t no uterus functioning

On this dead guys body.

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