Art Therapy/Art Boss

Art therapy.

10/10 recommend

Never found something it didn’t help with.

Well, besides paying bills …

Problem with talk therapy is that

The listener usually sucks


They fucking judge you

Based on your body your voice your accent your tone

Yeah yeah yeah therapy is good for everyone

But is it?

Sometimes therapists are literally predators.

I’m not saying

Avoid therapy— I’m more saying

If you’ve tried it and you are frustrated

Like I am, I recommend to you—

Art therapy.

The therapist you always have

That’s free, that you can never

Over burden. The therapist

Who is 100% confidential depending on how

You make it.

The therapist who is fun, adaptable, who

Forces you to dig into stuff

You tried to push down

Art therapy is the sort of shit

That you can keep to yourself

Until the ripe old age of 250

Before somebody digs you up and now

Boom baby— you’re a star

Hope you wrote about something you want to be known for lmfao also

You might be astonished

How much better you feel

When you don’t need a soul besides yourself

To be content, to have meaning

To be your own favorite artist and

To create your own strength to rely on.

Paint, play, draw, write, cook, idgaf

Mow the lawn in a cool pattern—

Trim away, Edward !!

You’re a fucking boss now

An art boss.

How does it feel?

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