Artist vs Muse

Does anyone really care about the art

Or the artist…?

To me, at least–

It’s all about the muse.

People want a muse, and if they

Don’t want a muse, they want to

Be a muse.

Or at least– be amused.

I don’t think people are as interested

In Leo da Vinci as much as they were


Who was she, why was she the subject

Of this great man’s painting?

Or Yoko Ono–

The lady who broke up the Beatles

I mean– is that really even

What she did…? Couldn’t you say

Those asshats broke themselves up?

Yoko Ono was just chillin’ while everybody else was

Doing heroin I mean jesus Christ folks

Ya’ll really blame her…?

A muse is just somebody that got looked at

For a long ass time. Some people might even call

This kind of behavior –predatory!

Anyway, ain’t nobody want a group effort nowadays~~


You gotta be your own artist

And your own muse.

You’ve also gotta be your own producer

And, it doesn’t hurt

If you’re always on a juice cleanse

Because you never know

When the opportunity to be stared at

Will pop up.

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