Astroworld Tickets

How does something like Astroworld happen?

Travis Scott refused to stop, his team was communicated with

By the event staff and security, he kept going because

How amped, how crazy, how extra

The show is, is what matters more to people

Than whether or not they live through it.

This is not an attitude

Our society learned going to concerts —

This is an attitude learned

As a side effect of so, so many other things.

The same thing that makes Black deaths less newsworthy, the same reason

Native demands and protests are seen as

Savagery— the money, the power, is

The perspective that matters

Anyone who can’t keep up is

Left in the dirt, even if it’s a

10 year old fortniter

Why did Astroworld happen?

Same reason people don’t get vaccinated.

Same reason people speed drunkenly

Same reason people vote for things

Like a wall, vote for things like

Taking away healthcare, vote for things like

Making trans kids illegal—

They don’t give a shit

About anybody but themselves

And if you dare try to care about

A cause of some sort—


You better turn it into a business

Or some sort of side show, and

If it doesn’t succeed or do well—

It isn’t because not all things

Have capital, it’s because

You’re an idiot, who deserved

To be left in the dirt.

No worries though—

When you’re dead

They’ll publish everything and start

Auctioning off your bones, just the same way

Astroworld tickets

Are almost certainly going to be


What does it say about us as a society

That we don’t even need a terrorist

To have a mass casualty?

This was a crowd killing a crowd,

Society killing itself.

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