Astroworld Tramplings/Ego Deaths

I wish that someone would acknowledge

The callous indifference

Towards life and perspective

In incidents like

The Houston Astroworld tramplings —

Not just from Travis Scott, but from

Everyone around them.

Travis Scott has made statements

Saying how horrible he feels

To create a sympathetic narrative

But as a performer

And as someone who goes to concerts

I know

That the performer

Is responsible for everyone making it home safe

You have tremendous, tremendous power

When you’re on stage

Performing what is essentially


Travis Scott was warned—

People tried to stop it

But his ego

Made him keep going

His ego prevented him from caring

He clearly wanted

To dominate

Why else would he keep going

Without acknowledging the warnings?

To him

All of the feedback

Sounded like praise

Until he woke up the next day

And realized he let 8 people die

At his party.

Did he kill them himself?

No, but he had the power

To do what I’ve seen

Many many people do

Which is to stop


“Hey everybody things are getting crazy—

Let’s take five seconds and move back a bit,

Give the people up front

Some room to breathe”

You know it too! You’ve seen it.

Not to mention

This fucking disgusting remark

From someone who was there

The world needs far fewer survivors like this

Itzlune_ asshole

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