At What Point Am I Cis…?

Asking for a friend.

The more steps I take in my transition

The more I wonder what the point of

Being trans, and the label


Even is.

I was a her now I’m a him and

I let the right one in. Ain’t no house of jack—

Just a nice dude who calls you back

At what point

Do I get to be cis—

When I knock someone up?

When I stand to piss?

When I rape, when I murder…?!?

When I win a sports contest?!?

What about the guys who never do

Any of those things? What about Aileen?!

They exist!

Why am I trans and he’s

Born the way he is. Who’s to say

I wasn’t born to be trans who’s to say

I wasn’t born the way I was categorized

Who’s to say

My body doesn’t align with my gender identity


It does

So I’m cis

Even if the definition doesn’t fit

I feel that way

The same exact classification by which

Y’all diagnose trans identity

Is what’s telling me I’m now

Cis and have absolutely

Nothing in common

With the handful of years I spent

Searching for myself in a sea of her belongings.

I think it’s time we allow

Cis people into the party

Because I feel cis

Every which way

I am aligned with all ways in which

I can be perceived and I am made

Impenetrable by my vulnerabilities

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