Lmao I guess this is why

Everyone keeps things

Bottled up inside.

I am a mess, have been since I

Stood in the mirror, assessed my own

Recollections and reflections

Wrote them down and stared them

Down, up, across

Directional buttons

My life is a mess, my heart

Is messier than that.

The only thing that tells me I’m alive

Is this unbearable aching in my chest

It’s like I’m a hypochondriac

But I’m actually legit just having

Cardiac arrest.

It’s best to try and stay positive,


So let’s do that.

This blog is my new video game

I designed my avatar

To be cooler than me

I exposed my truth

Well, lmao, one of them

And now I’ve got moles

Even in my fantasies.

My favorite part

Of this whole game

Was that you didn’t know me,

At least, all the way.

Back to the drawing board, I guess

Or I could disappear again

Re-emerge as someone else

Try a new save file

This time–

I’ll save before every boss

Keep all my weapons

It’ll be perfect, I won’t have a single death

On my record.

There won’t be an embarrassing time-log

From when I left the system on overnight

I’ll be perfect, I swear

One more try.

That’s an option, I suppose.

I don’t usually care about the time log,

Unless I’m in competition mode.

With myself, of course

And whoever has the fastest majoras mask time–of course

I just wish I could go back

To when I was “little”

And I didn’t know what people

Were capable of.

I wish I could go back

To when I didn’t know

What I was capable of.

Video games will do for now.

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