Babies Spitting On Other Babies

As a content creator

Some things seem to be

So repetitive

That it’s almost like

Brain dead replays

On repeat

Of the same concept

Over and over and over again

Things like

“Protect trans youth”


“Black Trans Lives Matter”

Neither of which issues

Improve much

The more you like, share, and love-react—however

What else is there to do?

I suppose generating the content

Reaches certain folks, but



If you look for queer resources

You find political touches

On every single aspect.

Being queer is inherently political

Being a minority, requires you

To be politically mobile

Otherwise you will be tread on

The way the libertarians

Think they are.

It just kind of sucks

That in the middle of all this

Persuasion, nobody really mentions

How lonely and futile it can feel

To be queer and lost in the world

They only seem to pay attention

After something horrible has happened —

Same way

It only becomes part of the social justice canon

If it went wrong

In the effort to connect folks based on

Their queer identities, we’ve instead

Made some sort of mob

Of babies spitting on other babies.

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