Back When I Was Trans/When Am I Not Any More? Asking For My Neighbor

I’ll never forget that time at the

Beginning of my transition where

I met my neighbor for the second time

Introduced myself sheepishly as my

Deadname simply because I was

Depressed and certain that I didn’t pass because

Various family members and “friends” kept

Misgendering me and calling me whatever

They felt like so I thought

Sure might as well keep bein some bitch but

The guy introduced himself to me again

And when I gave him a feminine name

His face dropped and our conversation ended.

Nowadays I’m so calm cool and confident I’d

Certainly be able to handle it.

It’s for this reason and many others like it that I

Often wonder what the point of

Identifying as transgender

After you pass

Even is. It’s almost like

A disclaimer you have to give

To a sexual partner or a doctor

But your neighbor?

Why do they have to know?

Guy might still talk to me

If he didn’t.

I used to be transgender but now I’m just

A man with a uterus. Ain’t nobody

Need to be concerned with this.

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