Bad Attitude

I have a really bad attitude.

They tell me not to say things

with that tone of voice.

I’m not sure what tone of voice I am using

I think my voice is just kind of low

and that nice pretty ladies

aren’t supposed to swing that low

in our voice chariots.

I do not have a bad attitude

I’m just not like other girls

Don’t pretend you know

what I’m supposed to do instead.

Don’t start to suggest

a way to be, I’ll end up dead.

But maybe that’s what you’d rather have

a dead he/she, a hermied flower

doomed to obscurity,

forced into maturity.

I wish I had a bad attitude

because at least then

I’d be expressing myself.

Instead, I am forced to silence

writing musings, poems,

repressing, suppressing,

redressing myself.

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