Bad Feminist

I had a run in

A while back

With a really, really

Bad feminist.

Not like, the

Inspiring kind

The rebel kind

The Roxanne Gay, kind–

The faux kind.

The phony kind

The “I’m feminist for women who are exactly like me and no one else” kind

It really bummed me out

This shit happens, a lot

I’m sure you know

Unless you’re really truly

That dense

I often think

About what things were like




And I wonder

How do we get back there?

Back to when people

Were human

Not gendered so heavily

Not so different, each of us

Our bodies, Our art is

Basically the same

The only thing that changes

Is the frame

Why wouldn’t anyone

Who’s been conscious

For the past century

Think feminism was


Bad for men

Or somehow

Evil, methodical, mean?

Something to be afraid of

Something to

Avoid association with

What is it about feminism

That makes you so uncomfortable


Or is it just

When you talk about feminism

To me

Big, scary, independent

Dyke lady

Bent for blood

Embittered by a rejection letter

I never received

I am so confused

Why straight women are

So scared of me

I like whole-human women

Not some bullshit




I don’t hit on straight-laces types

I like having fun,

Staying up, doing drugs

Fucking all night and

Well into the morning

Oh, and she’s gotta be

Really, really gay for me

Feminism is not some

Ponzu scheme

I made up to make you feel


I’m not hitting on you

By telling you that you are

Autonomous and powerful

In your own right


I’m disturbed

By how little kindness it takes

For you to feel pressured

To do something you don’t want

With someone you don’t like

Why would I be interested

In some standoffish

Frigid bitch

Who’s gonna be a pillow queen

And make me feel nowhere near alright

She’ll stop treating me like a person

And make me wonder

Why feminism

Is so hard for women

To accept ?

Maybe it’s a symptom

Of a bigger problem

With ourselves

Maybe some women

Think feminism is ridiculous

Because they hate themselves


On an unrelated note

I was researching for my next podcast episode about “squirting” and I found out that

Something like

50% of women say they can’t climax?!

Where’d they get that number

But like

Does anyone else

Want to jump off a bridge

At a statistic like that?

What kind of world is this

Half of women don’t even masturbate

I wanna die, y’all.


I spent the next thirty minutes

Googling how to be a sex therapist

My only real purpose in life

Is making people come

I’m sick of pretending otherwise

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