Basic Hollywood


“Adele Hits Back at Weight Loss Haters”


You workout three times a day

No job, no kids, no plans

No album and no hobbies —

A “new album”

Will be released

Around the same time

As all your weight loss hype—

I believe that it isn’t

Revenge against your ex husband ?!

What a small, meaningless view of

A woman’s life—

I don’t believe


That all of this hullabaloo

Has nothing to do with the album

Or the career you have

That is completely dead

As long as you’re a

Fat one trick pony

With only “one side to show”


I can’t WAIT for the new album

I bet it will be

All the same

Weepy bullshit

As all the other ones.

And if it isn’t —

Well then—

We know what new Adele

Hip, bedroom pop Adele

We know what all of this nonsense

Was really for

Lmfao I can’t believe

The press actually believes

She lost weight so that she could

“fight her anxiety”

Working out three times a day

Before the release of your new album

Is just regular, basic Hollywood.

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