Be a Man!

I love women so much

Why would I want to be a man?

I don’t feel right in here, but,

I can appreciate it. It has


Like all the beauty

And all the sensation

I love bucking and grinding and

Cumming continuously

I’m sure I can do that all just fine and dandy

After hormones, after I process all the

Penis envy.

I love women, and can appreciate

My body as someone I’d like to fuck.

Right, I’m not supposed to say that, it’s

“Too much”

The truth is too much for most, I suppose

That’s why people lie, cheat

But then what happens,

People expose!

Then people feel worse

Is it worse for me to have waited

All these years to admit

That I wish I was someone else?

Why would people be angry with me

For being my truest self?

Oh right, it’s unnatural

Unhealthy, excessive and

Fucked up!

Besides, I’ll never get a dick

So what’s the point at all?

Being myself, being comfortable

Feeling respect, letting the pressure out

But–Men don’t have feelings

I’m supposed to shut up,

Deal with it.

How bad could it be,

Letting this go on?

Pretending to be pussy

Doing the whole woman thing

All wrong.

Ah, right

As I am I’m still

Fucking it all up

Might as well cut my tits off

And grow out my beard

The only thing stopping me

Is my own boyish fears

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