Beards Are Totally Genetic /You Can’t…

My dad and I have identical facial hair

It’s a huge part of why

I don’t give tips

Like some dipshit on queer eye

About how to grow more or less hair

To someone who has been on testosterone

For a handful of months or years.

It’s all genetic no matter what happens—

Guys that transition later in life

Get more facial hair faster

Than guys who start when they’re teens.

Brothers who are 40

Have different beards

Than brothers who are 20

Have different beards than

Brothers who are 60.

It’s just how all of everything works.

Genetics aren’t your choice.

They’re just the infrastructure of the “house”

You got from your great, great grandparents

Your hormones can change but

As of right now

In 2021, almost 2022–

You can’t live edit your genetics.

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