Bearly Comprehensible

I happen to find my new form extremely attractive.

I don’t fully understand what her problem is I am literally

Amazing. I mean

Look at this


I have never been so comfortable in my own skin

I think that might be her problem she would prefer someone

Who hates their body and aspires to be

Some other form than the one they are

I think perhaps that’s why we fell in love

She liked me frail and sad and insecure and


I’m not that anymore I’m confident and able

And I enjoy talking to strangers

She has no control over me and that was

Reprehensible to her I only have

Controlling relationships with women

I would be interested in men if I found one

Submissive enough for me but sadly I am

Surrounded by toppy bro friends and I love it that way

I don’t think gender matters much but I just want

Someone who makes sandwiches and doesn’t make me feel bad about

Wanting that in a partner. I mean

C’mon folks

This belly is a logistical problem.

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