Been A While

Need to make an episode.

I’m almost ready

I have been through more than I thought possible. I say that each time but

Each month brings new challenges and with it

New triumphs.

Also admittedly I just

Like writing poems.

But alas I am dedicated to my craft and

I have grown so much. Which reminds me—

I saw trans boy Peter Parker post about four years

We started our pages and transitions around the exact same time period

I just don’t dump money into advertising…


It reminded me

Of my own timeline

And I travelled back

And saw a hidden photo

Of my dick!

My lil guy!!!!

Back in 2019

I was like


What a cutie

Also this is part of what prompted

All of the bottom growth bragging 😅😂🤣

Anyway I’ve made so much progress

In so many ways

I didn’t notice because it’s been a while

Since I’ve been able to be myself

Alone, in bliss.

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