Before You Said Enough

It hurts me that you’re dead.

I know you don’t care—

I know you think you might be better off,

But I just want you to know

If you can still hear my heart

Thwart itself, somewhere

Wherever in the universe you are, now

That it hurts to know you’re dead

It hurts to be alone, here

I wish you hadn’t done it but

I understand, which is why I think

It hurts me so much that you’re gone

I’ve felt that close, and the temptation

Never won. The truth hurts so much

I think anyone who understands it would be

Crushed, but I wish I had a chance

To tell you how much we are alike

Before you left me here, alone

To think too much, the way you had to

Before you said enough.

I love you, and so does life

We are tougher than any stumble

No surgeon can take away our pride

Woman to woman, man to man

I am so sorry for what they did to you

Nobody deserves that, you aren’t alone —

We can still fight.

I will keep fighting for what’s right

Because your memory cuts me like a knife.

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