Being A Man Is Amazing

Being a man is amazing

I think that’s why

I don’t really enjoy drag

Or drag queens.

If I could dress up

As a caricature

That makes me confident, that allows me to feel

Empowered, that makes me feel beautiful and

Larger than life, I would dress up

As the manliest man in the whole fucking world

Like, you know

A firefighter. Or something fucking macho

And baller

And badass. I don’t feel confident in

Makeup or glitter I feel most confident

With a fucking toolbelt

And sensible shoes

And skills that contribute to making sure

Everyone has food, medicine, their basic needs met–

That’s not a caricature at all

It’s what society fucking needs

That’s what I get off on, that’s what I like to see

In the mirror, in myself, those are the qualities

I find the most empowering

And I can’t believe I’m saying this

But I really don’t see any male positivity

Besides making money and being competitive

So, again, I kinda hate drag

And all that comes with it

Mostly because I don’t see much positivity

For those of us who don’t think being

Thin and pretty is empowering —

I think being any kind of man is pretty fucking empowering

I don’t want to hangout with people

Whose self-hatred has been turned into a point of pride

Who compete for who hides their misery the best–

I want to hangout with people who

Make things better for the rest of us.

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