Being Inappropriate

Woman aren’t naturally submissive

Nobody should be seen as

Or “identify as” an object

Also, men shouldn’t be rated

In a hierarchy

Based on whatever attributes

Your idea of what hot is

Means to them. There are enough

Sexist, racist, classist hierarchies

As it is. I think it’s fine

For ya’ll to have a good time

But to make communities and families

Based on sex and submission that remove people

From their actual families, in the name of

“gay liberation”, I think is more than a bit problematic.

Why can’t I acknowledge the dangerous cult-like

Mentality of a community based on ideals that both

Reinforce homophobic stereotypes while also

Fetishizing them– I don’t want to fight

For your right to be a shallow disgusting fuck–

I want to live in the world

Without people assuming that queer

Means shallow, vain sex addict with no self control.

I just want to be able to say

I’m transgender without people assuming

  1. I’m a trans woman
  2. I’m gay
  3. I’m a sexual predator

No matter what you do

Queer identity has been so hypersexualized

You can’t dare say you are associated without

Being inappropriate

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