Being Trans Doesn’t Require Mental Illness But Being Truscum Sure Does/Strict Four Walls

Gender dysphoria is a medical diagnosis

Gender dysphoria needs to be exhibited by

X, Y and Z traits

People without gender dysphoria are not trans and

Shouldn’t be allowed to transition

You have to be crazy to do this

For some reason this logic seems to erase,

Eclipse, and eradicate

All other medical issues, psychiatric disorders and

Behavioral issues an individual can have while still not being

“Trans enough” for the haters.

A better question might be–

What about other mental illnesses?

How do these people talk about

The other issues they are suggesting these people might have

In place of the “gender dysphoria” they so often ridicule?

What other issues might you be struggling with

That you ignore the symptoms of?

Are you reclusive?

Are you tired?

Are you irritable and unreliable?

Are you often getting in arguments or

Heated fights with your family, friends, or significant other?

Do you treat other people with contempt, spite, and disdain?

Do you treat yourself this way?

Do your pets like you…?


Why is it that these people

Are sooooooo concerned about gender dysphoria

And not at all concerned about

Depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, BPD, ADHD, ADD

Eating disorders, social anxiety disorders, self-harm behaviors–

Any of the things that can be afflicting people

Besides gender dysphoria, that honestly behave

Very, very similarly.

Why is it that the so called


Focuses so much on who is an isn’t trans

Who is and isn’t sexy

When perhaps we should be talking about

Our suicide rates as something that is

Our problem to fix, and not someone else’s?

As much as I used to love blaming cis people for everything

It’s pretty old hat, honestly.

It’s bullshit.

Everything Buck Angel says in the name of

Trans rights is actually just

SEO for his business, which is

Selling dick masturbators and porno tapes

In the name of trans rights, I guess.

Jesus fucking christ folks.

Have higher standards for your content, have higher standards

For your friends. Have higher standards

For your newsfeed, and most of all–

Have more respect for all the different things

That can go wrong

In your life, as well as others, and

Next time you want to go out and pick a fight

With someone about whether or not they are

“Mentally ill enough” to be trans and join your club


Maybe consider exactly what is is

You’re gatekeeping with, so proudly

And consider whether or not you have any

Skeletons in your closet you might need to

Remove before you shove some other asshole

In your strict four-walls before ya’ll

Suffocate there together in your misery–

SMH, I’m out.

Ya’ll are disgusting hypocrites that

Time and time again show that you can’t

Think for yourself.

Probably all that precious mental illness

You can’t do without.

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