Being Trans Is A Phase/ A Spectacle Of A Parody Of A Perspective

Gotcha to click didn’t I ?

More seriously though I

Used to be a woman and

Then I was trans and

Now I’m a man.

My uterus is not visible to anyone who

Isn’t a radiologist. My labia is private.

That’s the world’s perception of me which

Affected my self-perception which

Effectively amplified and decreased my

Anxiety and depression. Being trans

Did not make things easier and honestly

All of it got worse before it got better.

Now I’m in the

“It gets better” stage —

Presumably the stage before I have a hysterectomy.

I have a current theory that most TERFs are Incels, a lot of them have had hysterectomies

And the trans men that agree with them the most

Have also had them. I know it’s too scandalous to say

So I wrote it instead.

Anyway— being trans, for me at least

Was a phase.

My boss doesn’t know, and if he does

He doesn’t give a shit. We might never actually

Use the bathroom together. It’s not a big deal.

When I read Twitter and Reddit

And see these trans people go at it

I’m like

1. You’re new to this

2. Are you fucking serious? Go take a nap, please.

Especially Buck Angel, the motherfucker

Is so broke and desperate

He’s gone on fucking turning points USA

Fucking hell.

Anyway, for some of us


It’s not a phase. Not everyone gets

A healthy, supportive environment.

Not everyone makes it for themselves

Not everyone has the emotional intelligence

To realize how to treat yourself better

So that other people don’t matter

I’m getting there, I think

My confidence has turned a corner and

Sadly it’s mostly due to the whining of

The trans internet. The saddest bit of delusional content

No one has the right to ban. Alas

I benefit.

Anyway, I think it’s sad

That the algorithm favors anger

Over love, outrage over truth —

I think it’s sad as fuck

That Buck Angel got so broke he has to

Beg for conservative talk shows to let him

Pretend they care besides a

Spectacle of a parody of a perspective they will never respect

Much like all the rest of the queer internet

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