Better Get To Livin‘

Why haven’t I been writing as much —well

It’s not because I don’t want to

It’s because I’ve been collecting

So many thoughts so quickly

So many things have happened to me now that I’m

Living —

How could I possibly stop to write a poem

About the Christian roofing cult I worked at

Or the greedy agency that took a chance on me

That also happens to be Christian lunacy

Or the fact that

I am now so deeply understood

And so deeply misunderstood

Simultaneously, I’ve lost trust in

Anyone that knew me. Even, well—

You all, for some reason.

It’s like I want to be born again so I

Killed myself and kept living

I got to living

Dolly told me quit complaining

So I did. And Honest to god

Every. Single. Person. I’ve talked to

Has mentioned praying.

Then I remembered that writing poems is

The same thing. So

Here I go again.

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