Beware of Ideologues/For Your Disposal

I think it’s dangerous

To keep calling LGBTQAI identities

A community.

It perpetuates the idea

That we have a shared ideology.

The only thing I’ve learned

Since starting all of this

That I didn’t already know

Is that people are afraid of seeing anything

They disagree with. You immediately get banned!

Banned from pages, banned from twitter

Banned from instagram for not having a

Profile picture, banned

From the “community”

If you dare say anything honest

The ideologues

Will silence you. Or ask you to leave

I guess these are the

Moderators? So to speak?

Not very moderate, to me at least…

I think the scariest thing

About the internet

Is that we are more connected

More easily than ever

Which in turn

Makes it easier to dismiss one another.

It’s amazing how hate speech goes by unfiltered

But for whatever reason my poems

Are homophobic bigotry.

I do find it alarming, however

That I can’t talk about my experiences

Without being dismissed.

It’s alarmist.

I don’t need to be filtered

I don’t need to be purified

I am gay, I am queer, I am trans

I am all the things that I am and here I thought

This “community” was a place to express yourself

And yet the “moderators” cancel, cancel cancel

All while self-promoting their label–

Which label? The moderator label, of course

The edit crew has for some reason

Taken center stage at this awards ceremony

For whatever reason, ya’ll find it

Progressive to censor and filter and

Reduce my experiences into something

Easy to fit into a garbage can, something convenient

For your disposal.

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