Big Beef w/ Smol Bean

I gotta be honest I absolutely detest most of

Trans media coverage ect. Even the small outlets even mad about it lmfao I mean

Ain’t nobody perfect but also there is this weird bias with

Having a preference trans women and

Belittling trans men.

Only reason I say preference is because they are

The most fun and painless to defend. Trans men however

Don’t have many defenders. Not even amongst the trans community

Nobody would dare call trans women “trunk hunks” or whatever the fuck I don’t even know I don’t want to fucking come up with some new insult to prove a point but

Smol bean is just nonstop trending

Trans people be like

“We have psychological issues with our presenting genders and many of us have issues with our genitals”

And for whatever reason they’re like

“Calling all trans men Smol beans is funny and fine”

“Don’t take it personally and I’m allowed to be self loathing and make fun of my own penis size”


Fuck off and die

I don’t care who’s “side” you’re on ain’t nobody calling me Smol bean a friend of mine

You remind me of my ex explaining why

All of me is a compromise.

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