Big Deal Feels/HRT

When I scratch my shoulder it feels

Hard and thick and muscular and then it’s cased

In the same flesh and skin it always was, the softness

Thickening a bit more each dose.

When I touch my face it feels

So coarse and peppered and seasoned and

Wonderful the very feel of my own face

Gives me ecstasy.

When I use my legs they are so

Much, much larger than they used to be

They are so much stronger, so much more

Relentless and so much more eager to please.

When I get aroused, it is no longer

Something only I know

In my head it is now something

I feel physically, in my pants–

Even when I don’t want it it sometimes

Bulges and pulses and when

Something really sexual happens

When I’m physically active

It almost feels like my

Boner is raging inside of me, bumping into

Everything. Lmfao it hurts.

Sometimes when I’m sitting down

It feels like I’m sitting

On my dick, because I am.

The way I feel has changed

Inside, outside, all around and in more ways

Than I could have anticipated and

I don’t want to tell anyone about any of it

Because each time I try and express

What’s happening–

Someone says it’s not as big of a deal

As I think it is, someone says

My face looks the same, my eyes

Are the same as they always were

When nothing about transitioning

Makes your fucking eyes different–

My head, shoulders, knees and toes are different

But my fucking eyes are the fucking same

Goddamn dipshits.

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