Big Stick

That moment when you

Have enough testosterone changes

All over your skin and face that

You scare women everywhere you go

Because you have the same mannerisms

As a lady

But with the body of a football player

I never understood why men

Complained until

Women started to cower before me—

If I didn’t have such extensive experience

Knowing what they are afraid of

I might think something crazy like

It’s unjustified. Alas

This is my new normal. I’m starting to

Adjust, but I don’t know

If I’ll ever enjoy

Making random people afraid

Of what I might say or do

And I especially don’t enjoy

Confronting these types of men

Face to face, on the regular

As a dude. It’s a lot to get used to.

Lmfao anyway, it never used to happen but now

My girlfriend saw it happen and she

Was blown away

And, like the woman I was born as

I doubt anything that happens to me

Unless I have a witness —

Last night she was such


She said

“That girl was afraid

You would be mad

That she didn’t get your order right”

“I know, this is what I’ve been trying to tell you—“

Ain’t no such thing as they when

The defaults are all the typical nightmares

All the usual scares, and

The only person that perpetrates them

Is someone who looks like a threat—

It never matters

If you are one, just

How you present

So now I walk tall, speak softly

And carry a big stick.

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