Binder Resources/Bra Resources/Being A Fat FTM Means You Aren’t Allowed To Breathe, I Guess lmfao

K few things–

Having surgery, gonna be

MIA for a while probably


I see that there are

Plenty of resources available

For binder donation, that are

Totally and completely at capacity

For donation services.

I have personally witnessed

Other content creators

Attempt to meet this demand, and also

Fail miserably at it.

I sit here wondering–

What the fuck am I gonna do

With all of these fat-boy

Tomboy bras that are

Not for binding, but also

Not to be wasted

On someone who isn’t trying to make their chest

Seem less feminine.

Are they binders?


Did I wear binders?

I have one.

It injured me within two hours

Personally– I think

If you’re a fat ftm

Binders are a threat to you, buddy

The certainly were to me

So were basically

All bras– you see

When you smash and compress

Your flesh trying to make it

Something else–

It gets damaged.

Maybe I need to start a new kind of

Binder giveaway site, a new kind of

Resource for ftms, one that

Includes non-binding binders, aka

Sports bras, that don’t

Fucking kill you when you wear them.

Ahhh but yes, I suppose

The haters will come banging down my door

Calling everyone who wears a sports bra

Instead of a binder

A “poser”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch–

The binder giveaway resources

Can’t meet demand–

Why is that, again?

Is it because

Of the complete and total lack

Of posers in the world, or is it because

These resources

Aren’t enough, and they never were

To begin with?

Why is it that

All trans ftm resources

Have to subscribe to the idea

That your chest has to be

Flat, in order to be masculine?

Why can’t man-boobs be a thing?

Why is it that

You have to prove yourself

With what you’re willing to sacrifice–

Your comfort, your ribs, the very air you breathe–

Your nipple sensation, your ability to breast feed–

Why is it that

In order to be a trans man

You have to give up everything

And bind your chest

Until you pass out and ascend to heaven

Reborn as a man lmfao?

Am I the only one who is over here

With a mountain of bras

One binder, and

Absolutely no one to give them to

Who won’t be offended

By the implication

That they don’t need to smash their chest

In order to look masculine?

Anyway– In summary

I wish I had a trust fund

Or whatever the fuck dad any of my gay male friends have–

That way I could start a new kind of

Binder giveaway organization–

One that accepts sports bras for trade,

One that agrees to giveaway

Non-threatening binders that don’t

Break your ribs, one that doesn’t get a sponsorship

From fucking GC2B

Or whatever the fuck new brand

Has come out

With some “safe binding alternative”

All I’m gonna say is

No matter how many sizes up I go

In my GC2B, I still can’t breathe.

Ain’t nobody advocating for my life

With an approach like this.

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