Binding and Tucking Both Suck/Without Compromise/On the Outside

I understand that


Is the recommended fix

But what else can we do

Besides bind, squeeze, and tuck our flesh?

I personally

Believe in the

Men have tits


The some women have

Bulges truthism.

Haters gonna hate, obviously.

Also it makes me anxious as fuck

So I get it, alternatives are kind of

All shitty.

Tape sucks, binding sucks

Surgery is expensive as fuck

Meanwhile back at the ranch

Trans women do all sorts of things

That can negatively impact their surgery options and results

Or general sexual health

Regardless of their medical goals

I used to feel that

Non-binary was the solution

To most woes.

A quest of self acceptance

Exactly as you are without help of

Intervention that you

May or may not be able to afford,

Financially or health-wise

Not everyone is a candidate

For sex reassignment surgery

Not everyone is a candidate

For top surgery

What do we tell these people ?

To bind

For their entire lives ?

To tuck

For an eternity?

I often wonder what the point

Of all this “trans activism”

“Trans education” is

If there are no resources

For trans people

That don’t involve

Changing their bodies, surgically

Or otherwise.

All of these resources

Focus on the

“Holistic health”

Of looking the way you feel inside

What if instead we all just

Accepted each other without needing

To compromise ?

There are no easy answers as I know

How fruitless it is

To try and console someone who feels

Betrayed by everything on the outside.

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