Binding as Peacocking–The Image Problem of Trans Identity

I think it’s ridiculous to make

All trans male, enby

Nonbinary resources focused on

Binding as a way to ease dysphoria.

I’m sure that there are loads

Of benefits to top surgery

I can’t wait to experience them

However, for me, personally

Existing as a trans man

Has not been made easier by binding–

It almost exclusively makes my life worse.


When I first started transitioning

I wanted something I could do

As a sort of “preview”

But honestly, all binding did

Was make me feel like

I had no chance in hell. It just made me think

I was too fat, too soft, too tittied

To be a man.

Which is why I needed to wear a binder–

You know– to try and…

Fit in….?

With who, exactly?

Who else wears binders?

I think I’ve seen some cis men

Admit to wearing some, for special occasions

Kind of like how some people wear spanx ~/

But like ~/

I feel that as a society

We understand that spanx are not good

For your mental health.

It’s also not good to put filters

On your face, body, and everything else

You can’t filter your life to be a more

Purified, polished version

You can’t press your tits down

And know what it means to be a man!

In a world where the strongest, tallest

Manliest men somehow still feel inadequate–

What is the binder doing, exactly?

Are you feeling more like yourself

Or are you feeling more like everyone else

Does it help you to suffer more than you should?

Why is that?

Are you punishing yourself for being born

In a way that was out of your control?

Seems pretty fruitless, yo!

I think binding is a community thing

I think binder giveaways are creating

An environment where you can

Prove that you’re trans.

“Trans men need binders”

“Nonbinary folx need binders”

Maybe sometimes, maybe not always

What about the cis boy I saw

When we went to mexican last week

Who had tits only

Two shakes smaller than mine?

Should I give him

A binder…?

Do I tell him about my

Top surgery?

How do I explain

The nonsense, the insanity

That is performing trans identity

For other trans people

More than your own fucking standards

Do gender confirming surgeries help

Some people feel better?

Of course! The proof is all over the place–

But we need to stop talking about these issues

As a one-size fits all approach

We don’t need “medical grade binders”

We need compassion and understanding–

We need resources about how to

Ease gender dysphoria that have

Nothing to do with what you look like.

You know what helps me

Feel like a man?

Learning, building, creating

Shouting, bragging, boasting, uplifting

Playing, sporting, fucking, celebrating

Giving life to others in spontaneous ways

Sometimes letting your emotions get carried away

That, to me, is what a man is

That, to me, is what transitioning has been

For me, my trans identity

Has nothing to do with image.

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