Binding Makes My Dysphoria Worse

Imagine breaking your leg

And wearing a cast

That pushed the insides of your bones

Out of place, all day.

In the name of “healing”

That’s what binding is like–

It’s fucking bullshit

Honestly like,

The only reason binders should be sold

Is as an alternative to worse methods

Like ace wrap, duct tape, or what have you–

I wear sports bras

That are sometimes too small, sometimes the right size

I have scars on my sides

From years of wearing too tight bras

To help me hide my chest

I don’t even wear binders, ya’ll

That shit hurts so much I can’t function

I definitely can’t work in them

I absolutely cannot LIFT WEIGHTS IN THEM!?


I can’t imagine wearing a binder all day at a

Desk job. Binding while sitting

Is 150x worse than binding while standing

Nobody talks about that either

I think, honestly

I’m just gonna go make an episode

Right fucking now

About all the shit on my chest

I haven’t yet talked about

Which reminds me–

Binding makes my dysphoria worse

Wearing no bra at all– makes my dysphoria better

I don’t give a shit that I have titties, men do too

You know what men don’t have to do?

Wear bras. Wear binders. Suffer for no reason.

That’s why I dress comfortably and work on my

Confidence and self-esteem instead.

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