Bitch, Please

Based on my experience switching sides,

Gender is a man-made cultural divide.

The parts are different, sure—

You need a sperm to fertilize the egg ect ect

But the differences between

Majority A and Majority B

Are few and far between.

It seems, if I may continue to rhyme —

That how we are raised is where

Most of the division resides.

Boys will be boys and

Girls will be mothers!

Play house, learn to cook,

Be kind to others, boys—

You too, but you need to be

Fearless leaders! Your confidence and

Self-esteem will be the

Steam in our civilization’s engines, if only

You could be less like your mother, so

You can be strong like your father.

The differences between men and women

Are assigned by our eyes instead of the facts.

All people are exceptions

No two snowflakes are the same, but wait—

That’s a lie, too, correct?

Snowflakes all freeze in similar patterns

It’s got more to do with ice than it does

Magic fairy artists in the cold dark sky.

Men and women are not either or,

You can’t predict anything based on

Someone’s penis or labia, so why is it

That people cling to these tired tropes

That make us all miserable?

I think people are sheep

And the world is easier to understand

When you stick to “he” or “she”

Snowflakes are unique but

Melted down, they are all

The size of little tears

Tears shed by a young man

Fearing for his own worth and beauty

In comparison to everyone around him.

I’ve heard the saying

Inside each grown man is a scared little boy

But the truth is

Inside each grown man is a scared little girl

Terrified of the world learning her gender

No matter how big and macho you are—

We are all born female and the rest is testosterone

I can’t help but worry about

The mental health impacts of misogyny

I myself, never got my proper dose of t

Until it was almost too late for me

Imagine spending your whole life on t

Never realizing you are no different

Than the women you’ve been pushing away since birth

It’s almost as if to me(n)—

Femininity is the cause of self-doubt

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