• Amazing

    Something amazing happened today. I was getting my eyes checked at my Eye doctors appointment And the guy doing my field test Went on this long adorable rant About how […]

  • Okay Some Of Them Are Wooable

    Gotta find ‘em I’m finding it quite exuberant Being what I want and finding So many hunks Who’ve never had someone Cook them a meal, or play a serenade. On […]

  • SOL/Gay Dating Feels Empty

    I can have all the cock I want, Anytime I want. I can get fucked, I can get sucked, I can get touched, but Even mention a date or A […]

  • Psychologically Unhealthy

    Trans people be like “I’ve always felt something was wrong, I’ve always wished I was being treated as Another gender, another sex, I wish I was Respected for who I […]

  • Ill Will

    I wish I didn’t but I am just livid. I think about her and I hope she is Miserable. I hope every relationship she has For the rest of her […]

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