• Jesus Christ, People

    First place I saw a man in a dress Was at church — How about y’all?

  • Red Rose Was Fucking Amazing

    Ta, Netflix. Ta. I’ll be singing Aqua in minor for the next Century or so. Finally someone who shares my love of Songs in dramatic rearrangements. Besides Glee I guess… […]

  • Sayings

    When I was a kid I used to daydream about Being so rich and successful that I would Buy my dad a plane. He has his Pilot’s license and he […]

  • Judgement BAE

    Sums up my experience being transgender and Telling people I’m nonbinary and Any of the things this blog is about. Judgement, before anything else. Now I can live my life […]

  • Cheapest Bottom Surgery Option

    Saving up Perks include: being able to haul your own toilet/house/boat Being someone who everyone needs once a year or so And the view from the top, of course.

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