• Not for Use

    Why is it that even the slightest bit of Heartbreak rips open Every old wound at once like some sort of Shattered plate that I keep Serving to people who […]

  • The Gold Setting a record for number of times listened to this in a day— But honestly there are 24 hours and I’ve been playing it on loop for longer so […]

  • Gay Flake

    I’m over here mad as hell about Some guy that told me Yes and didn’t show while I’ve got Five other guys on a warmer plate of my own. “Why […]

  • Water Signs/Moon is BAE

    You know you’re a cancer when You spend your weekends Driving in the rain, listening to sad music And going insane. Praying for Someone to entertain while also Wanting to […]

  • FML

    Ever meet someone and not be able to stop thinking about them and you’re like Fuck— that’s my coworker and I’m a trans man. Best to just be avoidant.

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