• Tight Pants Right Pants

    My pants are really tight Not cuz like They don’t fit But because They do I like it I wanna pretend as if I don’t but I do Also Every […]

  • Uh oh…

    I haven’t slept in Months I keep envisioning myself Punching someone To death At first I thought it was you But now I’m worried It’s me

  • Stranger-Suit

    It’s tough for me To know my value Because I don’t live here I don’t know her And I don’t value This stranger-suit

  • One More

    I keep thinking that One more poem Is going to help me Figure it all out One more session One more hour One more run-through One more practice One more […]

  • Woman to Woman

    The thing is When you try to talk To women about how We, as women Are all being pressured into Constantly adjusting ourselves For other people’s comfort They’ll say things […]

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