Body Dysmorphia vs Gender Dysphoria

How can anybody tell the difference?

You’re living in a body

With genitals, and an

Outward physical appearance.

Everyone seems to hate puberty, it’s kind of a

Universal experience.

I knew that I was gender dysphoric

Because I realized I’d love to be a fat man

And hated being a fat woman.

Everyone listening

Heard fat both times.

I only mention it, to make a clear distinction–

I always knew that I wasn’t talking about

My body’s appearance. I was transitioning

From being she to him.

I was chasing something new, something

I hadn’t been.

I reject the idea that I was always a man–

I wasn’t.

I was born a woman and had to transition, had to

Find this guy somewhere within her. I don’t think that’s the same thing

As being born male.

You don’t have to be fat, to think you are.

You don’t have to be a man, to think you are one.

You don’t have to be anything, wouldn’t maybe

It be better, if we just

Let everyone live?

It’s really hard to tell the difference

Between hating your body’s sex, and

Hating your body’s characteristics.

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