Body Image

Also honestly y’all —

It helps trans kids

To see other trans kids

But what do we do about

The adults who have to deal

With the reality

That they didn’t get to transition

As a child?

Do we tell every little kid

Who wants to be a pop star

About Kim Petras

As an example

Or do we let them find it out later,

Do we tell every trans adult

They should operate in their bodies

Obsessive compulsively

Until they pass as

“The way they feel inside”

Or perhaps is it better

To talk about trans issues

As something you can’t control, or decide—

Where is the acknowledgement

That some people become cis passing

And others don’t

Completely due to circumstance alone ?

I understand that passing

Isn’t transphobic, but insisting

That everyone who identifies as trans

Will end up looking like

Adrian Dowling or Kim Petras

Is arguably less healthy

Than any other body image movement.

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