Body Image vs Gender Image

Being a fat person who doesn’t have extreme body dysmorphia is exhausting.

I often meet people who aren’t fat who are more afraid of looking like me

Than I am.

Being a trans person with severe gender dysphoria

Who gets tips for dealing with it

That are actually just tips for body dysmorphia

Is exhausting and confusing.

Losing weight won’t help me pass,

Having less curves won’t help me pass

But thanks for making me think

All of those things matter and are somehow gendered

I’m starting to think I need to make a website

Dedicated to body dysmorphia

Hoping to educate people into understanding that

Hating your reflection is not a natural response

For cis folk, and perhaps

A lot of these detransitioners

Would be better cared for

If they went to body image counseling

Instead of gender therapy

The amount of fatphobic advice

I see thrown around in the name of

Trans rights is just

Disgusting and downright dangerous.

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