Body Image Issues

All women have problems with their body image!

So they say.

They put this message on like,

Billboards and shit.

Everywhere you go–

It’s either

“Diet and exercise yourself to worthiness!”




As if I’m not, already, somehow–

Do you know how much power is in this body?

This one– the one I’m in right now.

The one with the titties and the

Fat ass.

More power than some fucking billboard message has !

I guess brainwash is very powerful

I’ve been brainwashed to care about these issues

What issues, Becky?

Your body issues?


I’ve been brainwashed to care

About everyone else’s issue

With my body.

I’ve been programmed

To see myself

Like a product on a billboard

An appliance for my husband to fix

Freeze off my problem areas…

Might I suggest freezing off my face

Starting this shit from scratch

Ya’ll got problems with all of it

I’m just some lady living

Fucking MYOB

I’m my own goddamn cheerleading squad

Encourage yourself

Motivate yourself

Leave me the fuck alone

When you imply that I have to change my perspective

On myself

I am so confused

Do I hate myself?

Is that what you think I do?

Why, because I don’t look like you?

Am I supposed to?

Am I a bad little girl for thinking

That I’ve got nothing to improve?

That’s what it seems to me.

Don’t worry, I have a lot of things I want to do

But they’re like,


And “testosteroney” things

Not weight watchers, Keto,

slimming fast, wasting away.

I kind of like having a body that works

Not a body

That’s in the works.

Stay out of my way,

I’m in charge of myself

Don’t believe me?

I can throw you.


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