Body Positivity Explained

Lately I’ve been wondering

Whose fault it is —

How distorted the message of body positivity

Has become.

I wonder

Who is doing this ?

In various ideologies

Extremists present themselves mostly by announcing

What they are against, and for.

White supremacists are against

“White genocide” as they see it, and are

In favor of “retaliation” as they see fit.

The Taliban is painted as

“Pro-Islam and


After 9-11.

For whatever reason

This binary narrative has been applied

To any ideology in which

Society deems unsavory.

The homos are

“Pro-sexuality” and

“Against family values”—

For the longest time was the quip.

Now we get to say— fuck that—

—thats homophobic!

Trans rights are currently being labeled as

“Pro-trans and

Against biological women”

Which most sane people understand

Is transphobic.


Body positivity

Is seen as

“Pro-weight gain and

Against dieting”

When will the time come

For you all to understand

That it means being

Against the stigmatization of fat people

To be body-positive

Is to be pro-health

Against your bigoted assumptions

While some see dieting

As violence, others acknowledge

That we are all eating. We all have

A diet. We are all responsible

For our own bodies and our own health and

No one can diagnose you

Based on Instagram and magazine cleanse tips.

Marks daily apple is a for-profit site— makes money on every

“I used the be fat shamed and now I’m fit-shaming” post they have on their blog

We need to stop

Reducing fat people

To their more visible qualities

And start respecting

All bodies as people

Respect, unconditional

A love and a positivity

That knows no equal— one that can

Heal the soul, and ease the pain

One that helps fat people

Gain what they have lost over and over again—

Respect from society, respect at the doctor,

An understanding that

Health is more about

Your head and your heart

Than it is your waist size.

Perhaps it’s time we acknowledge


For what it is—

Discrimination, stigma


If you cared about anyone’s health

You would be body positive

And encouraging.

The more someone feels they belong

In this world, the more likely

They will flourish in it.

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