Body Positivity-Less-Ness

I see these gorgeous


Positive shameless


Spreading the word

That their body can be both

Beautiful and have

Surplus, and yet

All I am is angry

That I have done nothing

More or less

Than anyone else

I just had a disease that made my

Bones break and my skin stretch

I am not fat in the way

That these body positive people are

I do not just have excess adipose tissue

I have excess cortisol.

I don’t feel comfortable

In my own body

Let alone the internet

Let alone the world

I have tried explaining this

To friends and family

But they have nothing but

Advice and tips

They’ve never applied themselves.

How do they know

I’m not doing those things already

Considering their own willpower

Is nonexistent, compared to mine?

My ex-girlfriend

Lost a 80 pounds

Eating five pounds of hamburger a week-

Never seemed very healthy to me.

I suppose my diet

Of rice and vegetables

Is all ruined by

Others perspective of my image and physique

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