Boozy Cokehead Baby

I wonder what it would be like

To be one of those babies

Who’s teeth are rubbed with booze

Who’s drugs are shared

And guilt is too

Shame is spread like a

Wet blanket, guilting you into

Feeling bad for your parent

The hardworking mother

Who is the only one that talks to you

She shares all her troubles and

Ensnares all your time

The one who needs you drinking,

So you’re not stuck up or selfish, bitch!

You’re so mean, to her!


Who silences you

When you ask simple questions, like

“When is my birthday? What is your job?”

While you are struggling to make sense

Of a world filled with pain

With all these addictions forming

Against your will,

against your grain,

Patterns in your brain

That shouldn’t be highways

They shouldn’t be

But they are, because mommy wanted

Someone to hangout with

She is so alone!

You are her special best friend

Made custom for her to

Destroy, the way she was

If she didn’t cut you up

The way she was

Then she’d just be broken

A loser

Some shit mom who’s kid is

Smarter than her

I wonder what it’s like

For those little

Boozy cokehead babies

The ones who got drugs

Instead of twinkies,

Harsh words, humiliations and

Nightly tauntings

Joints instead of

Vomit and slushees and pizza and cake

Careful what you wish for !

I’ve been extremely careful my whole life

And all it’s done is make me crippled

Worrying about every bump in the night

Nobody was careful

With some halfdick titfuck fat kid who was always just

Going to die, other than the

Shroud of public pity protecting me

Thank god I didn’t have

A hard-drug mom, but

There are many ways

To skin a cat.

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