I love the bothness of you.

It’s how I fell,

and it’s how I knew.

We share experience,

but not perspective.

Differ just enough

to weigh both sides–

without overlooking.

We might end up in hell,

Hedonistic living, sapphic safari

or is it just my own guilt inside?

I’m not worried about it,

you will help us pack.

Prepare for anything that comes

in our path.

Fucking hell, no way

Will I stay down there in purgatory.

I am not deciding, and I am

not between.

When it comes to you.

You are both things, to me,

you are everything.

There is no heaven, no hell

if you exist.

You defy all theory,

you are my catalyst.

You are everything,

not just mine.

I love your bothness–

When we argue,

it doesn’t bother me.

I love when you disagree,

I trust your love, and I trust myself.

When I doubt which path to take

your bothness comforts me.


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