Bras for Me(n)/Too Much Torture/Priorities

There need to be more bras for men.

Basically, my options are

Be tortured…

Or be tortured.


Surgery. (torture…?)

I’m not the only trans guy in the world

Who can’t afford top surgery

Also I’m far from the only person with tits

That needs help carrying.

I needed better bras when I was a kid

I have scars from too tight bands

On both of my sides, I have never

Been able to find a bra design

That allows for both — a body

And — supported titties.

You gotta choose priorities.

In a world where men

Are being sold tire-pressure guages

That double as pens

In the men’s underwear department of Kohl’s–

It’s starting to feel personal

That nothing designed for women

Actually fucking works, and honestly

Usually just hurts.

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