Breast Sensation Exists

I can’t believe I have to say this —

Breast sensation exists.

The main reason I’m having

Top surgery is because

All day long my tits sit

On my stomach and tingle and

Ache and feel good and bad and

Everything I brush against

Makes me feel sad, because—

I have a tremendous amount

Of sensation in my breasts.

More than my dick, more than my wrist

More than all of it put together.

The reason I want to have my chest removed—

Is the same reason I want to keep it.

I don’t think it’s fair

To make a man without a dick

And tell him he has to cut

Both of them off in order to

“Fit in”

Who’s idea was this, anyway?

The gay male plastic surgeon I’m hiring

To “make me a man”?

Is that’s what happening?

Or is he making it so that I’m a

Miserable thing who’ll never be able to

Come, again.

No one even talks about how

A double mastectomy removes

All of your nipple and all of your sensation.

No one even talks about this

Outside of trans issues, no one talks

About breast sensation whatsoever —

Only the prosthetics they make to

“Help survivors feel better”

What if we stopped equating womanhood

To tits, and manhood

To dicks—

What if we acknowledged that some women

Are blessed with two huge, soft floppy cocks

Growing out of their chest?

What is so taboo about tits

That we can’t even talk about

How much pleasure they give

To the one who wears them, not

The one who sees them?

I am not confident about top surgery

I am not confident about society —

I’m not confident, entirely!

I can’t believe I’ve lived almost

Three decades on this earth and I’ve

Never once read anything about

Breast sensation being a thing.

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